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<Contents and Outline>

PolePole for August ,2005

1. News and Information

*Two church denominations start worship for people with Alzheimer-type dementia and their family, in New York., USA.

*In China, vascular dementia of Alzheimer-type in number.

2. World Alzheimer’s Day

*This year’s slogan of ADI is “We can make a difference”

*This year’s slogan of AAJ is “Peaceful Life even with Dementia, Let’s Create together with you in our Community.” ,that was selected from members’ applications.

*Various activities, such as a street campaign and a commemorative lecture, will be held at each place in Japan.

3. Advice for care of dementia Neurophysician  Dr.Katayama

4. The committee for discussing AAJ’s vision was organized

The purpose of the committee is directing to AAJ’s reliable enrichment till 2015

5. Letters from members

* About a problem, PEG at terminal period

* My wife is confined to bed at a facility. I can’t know if she recognizes me as her husband though I visit her almost everyday. It is painful for me that we cannot know what she means with her voices made during the visits.

6. Care experience (From bulletins of chapters)

7. Advice for care (From the telephone consultation)

8. Dementia seen in literary works Dr.Ozawa

9. Introduction of the articles from the bulletins of each branch

10. What is dementia Dr.Sugasaki

11.Listen to my heart ( A message from a dementia suffer, Shirl Garnett)

12 . Message from Mr.Takami, the AAJ President

Cooperative campaigns, by government and non-government organizations, “Let’s understand dementia” started. AAJ’s pioneering activities over 25years bore such movement shakes the whole society.

We must continue our activities for fixing of “Truly correct understanding of dementia”

Take heart till next month!