1. News and Information

☆Under Japanese long-term care insurance law, physical restriction allowed only when all conditions, “urgency, non-substitutability and temporality are met. However, it turned out that 30% of the physical restriction done actually didn’t meet these three conditions. 84% of the facilities under the law.

(Investigation by the Ministry of Health,Welfare and labor from Feb.21 to 27, 2005 on 12000 facilities , answered from 5800 facilities.)

☆  According to a report of the institute of psychiatry King’s college of London, the number of PWD over sixty all over the world, which was 243000000, in 2001, is estimated to be 811000000, in 2040.

(From the web sites of ADI, BBC, etc)

2. Recent Activity of AAJ

3. Steps of a day care center over 22 years    By Yasuo Tabei

4. Interim report of the Care expense investigation by AAJ

5. Letters from Members

6. Care Experience

PWDs aged 95, 89, 82 could enjoy the drive to halfway up to Mt. Fuji

(The highest mountain in Japan) with their families and supporting staff.

7. Advice for care

8.Reading Alzheimer’s disease (Book review)      By Dr.Ozawa

9. Activity Report From branches of AAJ

10. Advice from a lawyer

The explanation about the law against the aged abuse

11. Listen to my heart (Message from PWD)

A PWD, an AAJ member made his own blog.


12. A message from AAJ president, Kunio Takami

AAJ is making a checking list for early detection of dementia based on the questionnaire survey to the members of AAJ. Early detection and treatment are very important. This checking list must be helpful.

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