1.News and Information

*PWD and their family held the national conference requesting the government for medical expert’s training for early diagnosis of dementia, wiping out prejudice against dementia, etc.(Japan)

*Folic acid lowers development risk of dementia. (U.S.A)

*Eizai co,ltd. is developing a new medicine of Alzheimer’s disease following Alicept. (Japan)

2. Report of the representatives’ Meeting

Future task of AAJ was discussed.

3. Report of the 21st National Study Conference

Theme of the conference was “For PWD to live where they desire with taking good care.

4. Report of activities from each branches of AAJ

5. Steps of a day care center over 22 years    By Yasuo Tabei

6. Letters from Members

*We request for clinical trial and approval of Alicept 10mg.

*Regarding hospitalization and operation of PWD, there are very difficult problems,

such as keeping rest for PWD and attendance on them for their families through the period.

7. Reading Alzheimer’s disease

8. Advice for care

Q: Calls made in the middle of the night by my mother–in-low with slight Alzheimer’s disease, who lives alone bother us a lot. What should we do?

A: ①. Put a time table which shows the times she may not call near the phone.

② Try to call before she calls.

③ Make applications for facilities and group homes for future.

9. Early detection and notification of dementia     Dr.Takashi Asada

10.Listen to my heart (message from PWD)

From 20 hours verbal records of a woman with dementia by her husband,

“A thought that I might be unable to understand anything comes to my mind. I feel O.K when my husband is at home.  But who can help me, when he is not at home? I cannot even go to a toilet.

11. Message from Mr.Takami, Pres. of AAJ

* Report of the national study meeting .

*My gratitude to those who supported AAJ every place, this year.