* Caring for Aged Dementia, Resident Study of person-centered care,

Dementia–care mapping, and usual care in dementia: a cluster-randomized trial

(The April 2009 issue of The Lancet Neurology)

*The recession and budget cuts in social services cause elder abuse cases

(Boston.com Feb. 2009 “Mass, elder abuse on rise”)

2. AAJ headquarters update

*The agenda of the upcoming Annual General Meeting:

(1) Proposal for the policy of adequate social services at a just expense for each person

(2) Promotion of the leaflet “Live-Together-Message”

(3) Re-election of the board members

(4) Plans of events for AAJ 30-year anniversary

* AAJ started a survey on the influence on PWDs by the revision of the certification

method of long –term care. Questionnaires have been sent to all members and have been

gathered by fax and mail. The result will be reported to the council of the Ministry of

Health, Labor and Welfare.

*K. Takami, the president of AAJ, and the delegation participated in ADI conference in

Singapore from March 25th to 28th. President Takami made a speech entitled “Dementia

Care of Japan Now” and attended several meetings and workshops. Through the

participation, AAJ could strengthen cooperation with ADI member countries and ADI


3.Professional’s comment

In-home medical care for PWDs              By Dr. T. Kinoshita

4. Letters from Members

*My husband is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.  I am exhausted from his persistent abnormal behavior, such as wandering, unclean behavior, outrage, incontinence, etc.

I have no energy to clean so that my house looks like a haunted house.

(73-year-old woman)

*My mother is living in a nursing home. I started to get professional caregiver training. In the training I experienced the practice at nursing homes and realized the hard working conditions of professional caregivers. I observed the difference of the viewpoints between family members and professionals.

I want to be a caregiver who understands both PWDs and their families.

(56-year-old woman)

5. MY Opinion about social security and national burden

By Prof, Y. Yuuki

6. Message from PWDs

7. President’s Message

I was commissioned as a board member of the inspection council for the new certification method of long –term care needs. I am determined to do my best to improve the long-term care insurance system for PWDs and their families.

Take care and take heart till next month