~Overcoming early onset of dementia~

Six Samurais and Three Princesses

We have a join-in meeting for people with dementia and their family along with supporters in order to encourage each other for having a peaceful daily life even if with dementia. We have commenced it as a meeting place for new comers and have held every spring and fall, twice a year from 2007. The meeting was taken over by Supporting Committee for Network of People with dementia from last time and was held six times in total by now.

In the meeting, at an old cottage of 150 years old, we sat around a hearth and enjoyed conversation, and what a fun, slept together side by side like a school excursion. Whilst, taking a walk in the hills and fields, having badminton or ping pong matches and dancing class as well. Closing with nature, everybody enjoyed 3 days meeting together with a lot of lovely memories. Following is a report edited by all of us.

My first wish at now

1. I moved to the country because of disease. Now I wish to live an easy life.

2. I wish to be cured.

3. I wish to attend the meeting as much as possible.

4. I wish to spend a happy life as long as I live, while I try to do my role.

5. I wish to go to France next year following travels of Italy and Germany.

6. I wish to enjoy now.

7. I wish to travel around with my husband.

8. I wish to travel abroad (beautiful scenery, delicious meal, meeting with local people everywhere, what a lovely memory!).

Issues that want to have understanding of surroundings

1. Comparing with other disease, dementia is being accepted with discrimination and prejudices. I want to be treated as a usual patient.

2. I want surroundings to know about dementia. The condition of patient is depended on individual. I want surroundings to understand feeling of patient.

3. I want to be treated without discrimination as a same human being.

4. I want to have a wide comprehension about dementia in society.

5. If we could have more guide-helpers, I can go to a movie more easily.

6. Speed up a development of medicine for early onset of dementia! This is my first wish now.

7. Strive for society where old people could live peaceful life! Review medical-care system for the elderly in the latter period!

8. I want surroundings to comprehend my own pace.

My life from now on

1. Movie is my amusement. I am looking forward to travel with a help of guide-helper.

2. Nothing gives us more pleasure than traveling by couple.

3. Never give up, but don’t to push me. I want to go ahead step by step.

4. Live an easy life with keeping physical strength.

5. I am looking forward to nurse my grand children and see their school sports.

6. It is all right if I could keep my present condition.

7. Be moderate in eating, improve blood sugar figures.

8. Heart is more important than money, but health is better than everything.

9. I enjoy my present life, so I wish to continue my life as ever.

A word from family and supporters

・Through conversation with many, I realized bonds between company sharing same anguish of the heart.

・I’m really impressed by their positive attitude with sound thinking. During two night stay, I could learn circumstances of each couple while I was rather envious of their good terms.

・I was happy to see my husband sinking very cheerfully. I think he shows such a vivid state only at family meeting.

・I was very glad to see my wife’s smile.

・I was amazed at their positive attitude while each of them understood their circumstances.

・It cannot be denied that refreshment of caregivers shall come to providing better care. With a nod for the fact, let’s take a better course.

・That was my first social dance with my husband. It was a bit embarrassing, but was a nice time for us.

From Supporting Committee for Network of People with dementia

The second join-in meeting intended for “Set up a join-in place for people with dementia

throughout the country!” was held at Sasagawa town, Toyama Prefecture on 9 to 11 October,

2009 hosted by Supporting Committee for Network of People with dementia. 32 people

consisted of the person with dementia and their family, and supporters from across the

country were joined. This report was made and edited by 9 people with dementia out of the


[Attendant (No. of the person and sex)]

Miyagi Prefecture  6 (Male 2)   Ciba Prefecture  4 (Male and Female 1 each)

Nagano Prefecture 3 (Male 1)    Fukui Prefecture 2 (Male 1)

Hiroshima Prefecture (Male and Female 1 each)   Nagasaki Prefecture 2

Toyama Prefecture  11 (Male 2, Female 1)

Publisher: Supporting Committee for Network of People with dementia

Chief Editor: Ikuo Yamasa

Secretary Office: Alzheimer’s Association Japan

See again at the third national join-in meeting!

Place: Sasagawa House, Asahi chou, Toyama Prefecture

Detail of the meeting shall be informed later.

Never give up, but don’t pushing yourself and slowly, but go ahead step by step!

Join-in meeting at Sasagawa town, Toyama Prefecture on 9 to 11 October, 2009.

9th October (Friday)

16:00 Meet at the old cottage.

Self-introduction and report of recent evens with tea and hand made rice dumpling.

17:00 Take a bath at a spa.

19:00 Dinner and a social gathering

Sitting around a hearth and enjoy hand made dishes cooked by local member of AAJ and female attendants with having pleasant chats and karaoke.

21:00 Time to sleep

Arrange each private room by using mountain bamboo and curtain.

10th October (Saturday)

7:00  Get up time but early birds were rustling around from 6:00.

7:30  Breakfast with a simple test about “What dishes did you have?”

9:00  Discussion by all together

12:30 Lunch by baking local rice cake under teaching of Mr. and Mrs. Y

13:00 Ceramic art class and sport class of ping pong and social dance

(Pieces of ceramic works)

19:00 Dinner and a social gathering

Presentation of local song by karaoke added a cheerful atmosphere rather than previous night.

21:00 Time to sleep with having a red medicine (red wine) as same as last night.

11th October (Sunday)

9:00  Make a report by discussing between people with dementia and supporters.

12:00 Meeting off and see you again.

(Thank you letter from attendant)

Extra Repot

Trays serving dishes were made by each of attendant for taking 4 months at a hand making

class and red one were presented to Hiroshima Branch.

(Masterpiece made by Mr. and Mrs. Y)

(Joint made piece by Mr. and Mrs. T, their daughter and 2 grandchildren)

I tried to bake a local rice cake and it was really delicious.