The organization of family caregivers for themselves

We are the organization being operated by family caregivers for people with dementia with their membership fees, where they can speak about hardship with care and exchange knowledge and experience so that they could be encouraged and be able to assist each other. Whilst, we are striving to attract public awareness for dementia, require strengthening supports by public policy. Many medical specialists as well as professional caregivers are also our members and provide us with their skills and experiences.

History of activities in 30 years

We were established in Kyoto in 1980 at the time there were neither right understanding for dementia nor public supports at all. In coming 2010, we expect to our 30 years’ anniversary!

Activities through the country

We have chapters in 44 out of 47 urban and rural prefectures. It means our activities are spreading for 96% of total population (122 millions) out of 127 million.

Main 3 activities

Each local association conducts activities as following.

1. Meeting of family caregivers and people with dementia

2. Telephone helpline service for family caregivers and others

3.Publication of monthly newspaper

Through these activities, family caregivers can talk with each other and obtain right information without suffering alone and be encouraged to care hand in hand with accompany.

Appeal and proposal to the government

We also endeavor to fulfill public supports for dementia from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, and local government.

From our establishment in 1980, we have been submitted more than twenty letters of demand to the government. Besides, we have been attracting public awareness by presenting appeals as well as opinions. In 2007, we proposed an official charter to the government.

Attaching importance to people with dementia themselves, besides the issue of dementia of early onset

At the ADI International Conference of 2004 in Japan, patient with dementia spoke out, which accelerated social understanding for dementia rapidly, besides the issue of younger people with dementia have been getting more concerned. Following the situation, we altered our organization name from “Association of family caregivers” to “Association of people with dementia and family caregivers”, and have been attaching importance to elder as well as younger people with dementia themselves, besides the issue of dementia of early onset.

“New era of dementia”

As the result of our 30 years’ activities, certain public supports, such as long-term care insurance, have been fulfilled. Whilst, people with dementia start seeking accompany as one of the partner in the society. We call this as “New era of dementia”.

Realize a society where people even with serenity can live in safe and peaceful mind!

This is our slogan from its establishment. Hanging out this, we will strive to do our best efforts for people with dementia and their family caregivers.

Care for dementia of today

Appeal and proposal for dementia to the government

“Official proposal”

From its establishment in 1980, AAJ has been submitted more than twenty letters of demand to the government. Following such activities, AAJ presented “Official proposal” in 2007 and responding to it, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare set forth a policy to enhance treatment as well as quality of life for people with dementia. It was stated in the policy that establishing measures to support and enhance life for people with dementia and their family, while promoting inclusive supports including assist of work settlements for younger people’s independence. Reflecting the statement, such measures were budgeted by the government in the fiscal year of 2009.

“Implementation in 2009”

As the results of our activities, the government decided to implement an alternation of fee system for care insurance from 2009 that contains a raise of initial care service fee, duly consideration for dementia and additional points for the care service of young people with dementia. We are proud that these fulfillments are reflection of a part of our official proposal which requiring enhancement of care service and improvement of working conditions for professional caregivers as well.

Our “Official proposal” is a guiding principle in our activities not only for care insurance but also for social welfare system in the future, along with it, Alzheimer’s Association Japan will strive for realizing a society where people even with dementia can live in peaceful mind.

Our activities

1-2. World Alzheimer’s Day Event 3. Telephone Helpline

4. National Seminer 5. Refreshment trip

6. Volunteer staff (Chiba chapter)

7. Proposal to the government (Broadcasting by TV)