AAJ Newsletter <No.2>

No.2 / AAJ Newsletter December 2011 (PDF,207KB)


  1. Many thanks for your encouragement to the earthquake attacked Japan.
  2. Participation from three eathquake-stricken prefectures of Tohoku! General Assembly 2011 was held as a supporting meeting for the East Japan Great Earthquake and the nuclear plant accident at Fukushima.
  3. World Alzheimer’s Day activities on Sep.21 st
  4. AAJ try to enhance people’s awareness and promote the idea of “Request for living with peace-of mind for people with dementia and their families”
  5. The 10th national meeting for the people with dementia
  6. Japanese frontline of dementia medication

AAJ Newsletter <No.1>

No.1 / AAJ Newsletter March 2011 (PDF,321KB)


  1. Thanks to warm and encouraging words for the earthquake, tsunami and atomic power plant accident attached Japan.We work together to revive Japan!
  2. 31years for people with dementia and their family
  3. Appeal and proposal to the gvernment
  4. Attaching importance to the person concerned with dementia, besides the issue of early onset dementia
  5. National assemly for research and quationaire
  6. “New era of dementia”
  7. Realize a society where people even with dementia could stay life in safe and peaceful